Phased Array

Sateco is using the latest generation of Phased Array (PA) ultrasound instruments to develop a procedure for in-situ testing of pins used in ski lift systems.

In particular, we are perfecting the execution of tests on roller unit pins, for which the entire line must be dismantled, with times depending on the reference standard adopted.

These operations entail significant costs for the company operating the system, both in terms of organisation and human resources.

The research we have conducted over the last two years has enabled us to optimise the technology used to assess the wear of pins in situ, making it possible to plan the dismantling sequence over time (for example, starting with roller units that have pins showing the highest signs of wear). 

Conventional ultrasonic testing for volumetric inspection with a single crystal probe does not measure wear down to tenths of a millimetre, which is what the P.A. technique does. The results obtained with this technology, which is limited purely by the geometry of the part, have exceeded our highest expectations.

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